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Deflation alarm has sounded in Chinese steel market

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  US QE exit, have entered the world of deflation. Recalling the way the financial crisis, can not help but shocked last big winner is still the United States. The subprime mortgage crisis in the United States, the world suffer. After the first round of the Fed QE opened in 2008, although the economic recovery is slow but continuous, and now still remains lifeless in Europe and Japan, including China, emerging markets are slowing down, a serious problem in Latin America.

  In Brisbane on November 16 ended the ninth G20 summit’s theme is “growth, employment, anti-risk.” The so-called “risk” means the risk of deflation in the global economy. Although Australian Prime Minister Abbott had let it go, when Australia meet Russian President Vladimir Putin, to Malaysia Airlines MH17 airliner was shot down in eastern Ukraine, the issue to give Putin a “wrestle”, but this did not happen dramatic scene. Although European and American leaders have the opportunity to put pressure on the Russian president, but only at the sidelines of saliva scattered, Ukraine crisis has not included in the official agenda of the summit. From one side reflects the seriousness of the risk of deflation is overwhelming.

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