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What need to consider when you select pipe fittings

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  The various types of pipe fittings include adapters, grooved fittings, plugs, rigid couplings, flexible couplings, 90 degree elbows, 45 degree elbows, reducing elbows, flanges, pbe pipe nipples, concentric reducers, eccentric reducers, side outlet tees, standard tees, reducing pipe tees/unequal tee, bullhead tees, unions, standard wyes, reducing wyes and many more. The proper pipe fittings and flanges let your equipment do the work that you intend to do. You should select the right fitting for your application among the wide range of fitting types and sizes offered.

  Common points to consider:

  The integrity of any fitting for proper functioning depends upon the following:

  Selection of correct components or fittings appropriate for the application

  Careful preparation and cleaning

  Careful installation and assembly

  Correct tightening and loading

  Selecting Your Pipe Fittings:

  Consider the Tubing Used: For instance, barbed fittings work better in flexible tubing while compression fittings work best with rigid tubing.

  Determine Material Compatibility: Material selection plays a vital role in the proper working of fittings. There are certain fluids which are not compatible with fitting material and these fittings cause leakage or system damage. It is very essential to check the material compatibility of your fluid with any chemicals.

  Check Temperature and Pressure Conditions: Appropriate temperature and pressure ratings are needed for proper operating conditions. It is necessary to know whether the fittings are capable of performing at their maximum temperature and maximum pressure ratings because most fittings cannot perform both the task simultaneously.

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