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The standard of elbow

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  Standard number and Description

  B2311 JIS general steel butt welded pipe fittings

  B2312 JIS steel butt welded pipe parts

  B2313 JIS steel plate for welded pipe parts

  B2316 JIS steel socket welding pipe fittings

  American Standard for pipe fittings:

  Standard number and Description

  B16.9 ASME/ANSI factory manufactured forged steel butt welded pipe pieces

  B16.11 ASME/ANSI socket welding and threaded forging pipe fittings

  ASME/ANSI B16.28 steel butt welding of small radius elbow and back bending

  B16.5 ASME pipe flanges and flange fittings

  SP-43 MSS forged stainless steel butt welded pipe pieces

  SP-79 MSS socket weld different diameter insert

  SP-83 MSS socket welding and threaded joint

  MSS SP-97 the overall plug welding and butt welding ends, threaded sockets strengthen


  Standard number and Description

  GB2000 thermal power plant steam water pipe parts and components of the typical design manual

  DL/T515-93 power station elbow

  Typical design of D-GD87-1101 pipe parts and components

  Standard for chemical engineering of pipe fittings:

  Standard number & Description

  HGJ514 carbon steel, low alloy steel seamless welded pipe fittings

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