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Cast Steel Blind Flange

PIC-(Cast Steel Blind Flange)
  Product name:Cast Steel Blind Flange

  Type: blind Flange

  Material: Carbon Steel

  Structure: Flanges

  Connection: Flanged

  Sealing Surface: RF

  Manufacturing Way: Forging

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  Blind flange (blind disk) the formal name of flange cover, there are also called is blind flange.Is the middle flange without hole, for sealed pipe plug.Sealing surface sort is more, in the form of a plane, convex and concave and convex surface, grooved surface, RTJ.

  Material is carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, PVC and PPR and so on.Blind plate look from the exterior, generally divided into blind plate plate plate, 8 characters/board, board, and ring gasket (flashboard and pad ring are blind pass)

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