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Do You Know How The Blind Flange Is Made

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Blind flange is also called blind flange, which is called flange cover. It is a flange with no hole in the center, which is used to seal the pipe plug.
There are many kinds of sealing surfaces, including plane, convex surface, concave convex surface, tenon groove surface and ring connection surface. The production process of blind plate is mainly divided into casting, casting, cutting and.
The casting process is generally composed of the following processes: selecting high-quality billet, blanking, heating, forming and cooling after forging. The casting process includes free forging, die forging and fetal film forging. During production, different casting methods are selected according to the size of forging quality and the number of production batches.
Free forging has low production rate and large machining allowance, but the East and West are simple and versatile, so it is widely used to cast single piece and small batch forgings with simple shape. Free forging equipment includes air hammer, steam air hammer and hydraulic press, which are suitable for the production of small, medium and large forgings.
Blind plate die forging has the advantages of high yield, simple operation, simple completion of mechanization and automation. Die forgings have high dimensional accuracy, small machining allowance, and more reasonable fiber structure distribution of forgings, which can further improve the service life of parts

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