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Assembly and welding operation of stainless steel flange

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  Due to the processing error, sometimes the gap is too large, and it is easy to burn through during welding. The way of disposal may be to overlay a layer on the straight pipe of stainless steel flange pipe, and then process to 0-0.05mm gap or craft grinding. If it can't be put on, turn down or grind down the outer diameter of straight flange pipe.

  1. Welding parameters: welding current 25 ~ 30a, maintenance gas flow 4 ~ 7L / min.

  2. The arc must be started at the length of the flange tube. The arc should be on the thick tube. The ripple tube should be heated by the external arc flame, and the edge of the ripple tube should be covered with welding wire. The ripple tube should be melted with melted stainless steel welding wire.

  3. Welding must be carried out in the thick pipe length, and short welding or spot welding shall be selected.

  4. When welding, always observe the melting situation of the ripple tube, and individually melt 1-3 molten pools. It is not suitable for continuous welding, especially when the gap is large, it is easy to burn through.

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