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Mould for rolling flange

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        Rolled flange is a kind of forging which uses open rolled flange along its length for continuous deformation. The first is to adjust the material to the right thickness. Once the right thickness reaches the right width, it is achieved step by step. The gradual concentration of process material using a concave shape die. The process is called edge because the flange is usually rolled at both ends of the workpiece. Caulking is a similar process. The thinning part is forged by rolling flange with convex die. These process parts are ready for further rolling flange forging process.
  In the whole process, there are some shortcomings, most of which come from the fact that the workpiece in contact with the die is damaged for such a period of time. Operation is a time-consuming process, the number and length of steps. The rolled flange workpiece will cool faster because the die contacts the workpiece and the heat transfer is greatly enhanced over the surrounding atmosphere. As the workpiece cools, the rolled flange becomes stronger and less ductile, which may cause cracking if deformation continues. Therefore, heated dies are usually used to reduce heat loss, promote surface flow, and make production details and tolerances.

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