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Production process of forged flange

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  The cast flange has the shape dimension of blank, small processing capacity and low cost, but it has casting defects (blowholes). crackle. In general, forging flange has lower carbon content than cast flange and is not easy to rust. Forging flange has better streamline, compact structure and better mechanical properties than cast flange. Improper forging process will also present large or uneven grains, hardening cracks, and forging cost is higher than cast flange.

  Forgings can accept higher shear and tensile forces than castings. The advantage of casting is that it can make a more complex shape, and the cost is relatively low; the advantage of forging is that the internal organization is average, and there are no harmful defects such as pores and inclusions in the casting; the difference between casting flange and forging flange is different from the consumption process flow, for example, centrifugal flange is a kind of casting flange.

  Centrifugal flange belongs to fine casting method consumption flange. Compared with ordinary sand mold casting, the structure of centrifugal flange is much finer and the quality is improved a lot. It is not easy to show the problems of loose structure, air hole and trachoma. The forging process generally consists of the following processes, namely, billet blanking, heating, forming and cooling after forging. There are free forging, die forging and membrane forging. In consumption, different forging methods are selected according to the quality of forgings and the number of consumption batches.

  Free forging has low consumption rate and large machining allowance, but its tools are simple and universal, so it is widely used to forge single piece and small batch forgings with simple shape. Free forging equipment includes air hammer, steam air hammer and hydraulic press, which are suitable for the consumption of small, medium and large forgings respectively. High consumption rate of die forging, simple operation, easy to complete mechanization and automation. The die forging has high dimensional accuracy, small machining allowance and more reasonable fiber structure distribution, which can further improve the service life of parts.

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