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Measurement method and preparation of carbon steel flange

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  1. According to the position of the large flange before measurement, first draw the connection diagram and number of the large flange of the equipment, so that the fixture can be installed in a certain way and principle to ensure normal use.

  2. Because the outer diameter of carbon steel flange may be different, the thickness of each hole and gasket is different, the fixture processed should not be interchanged with the side carbon steel flange, so measuring the size and quantity of each part is the key.

  3. When measuring, it is better to arrange three persons, two of whom are measuring and one is checking and filling in the form. If there is no condition to use the external caliper and steel ruler, the caliper can be used as the measuring tool. Measurement is a meticulous work and the prerequisite for fixture installation. The measurement and record must be prepared correctly, and the form must be filled in carefully and clearly. In the actual measurement work. To cooperate with each other, we should be able to cooperate and use according to the correct principles.

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