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Maintenance of flange in summer

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    How to prolong the service life of threaded flange? On the basis of scientific storage, correct and adequate maintenance of the pipeline is a key to determine the service life of flange. To do a good job in the maintenance of threaded flange in midsummer, it should be summer, moisture-proof, and both hands should be hard.

  Entering the midsummer, Cangzhou's sky is scorching with scorching sun and unbearable heat. In this case, the most common problem with threaded flange is shrinkage and separation. Because in the high temperature state, the water inside the billet is easy to volatilize, which leads to the volume shrinkage of the pipe, so that the gap at the joint of the pipe is widened.

  In summer threaded flange maintenance should pay attention to three points: first of all, if the pipeline is installed with threaded flange, someone must move in, if you can't move in immediately, you should always maintain the ventilation, ventilation and heat dissipation in the room; secondly, if you feel that the indoor is dry, you can humidify it properly; Finally, the owner should be out of the sun should be a good shade, do not let the sun directly to the pipe. In wet weather, threaded flange is easy to expand, deform and arch. In order to let the threaded flange survive this wet rainy season, we should not only do the basic work of waterproof and moisture-proof in advance when storing, but also add more care in weekdays, which is the best way to cure the threaded flange from dampness.

  In addition to simply closing the window and ventilating frequently, there are two more professional methods for moistureproof maintenance of threaded flange.

  Do more spray antirust oil care. General threaded flange enterprises will recommend users to spray antirust oil regularly after laying threaded flange. Composite pipe and threaded flange are suitable for spraying antirust oil. Users can spray anti rust oil for the first time after the threaded flange has been used for half a month or a month, and then apply anti rust oil once every two weeks or one month. After 3-4 times, the residual moisture of threaded flange can be basically removed. In addition, in the process of use, it should be added with antirust oil once a year or half a year, so that the threaded flange can avoid the invasion of moisture in rainy season, so as to achieve the purpose of prolonging service life.

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