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Common forms of flange

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  Common forms of flange

  1. Integral flange: integral flange is also called long neck flange or neck flange. The integral flange is often connected with the vessel as a whole.

  2. Angle steel flange: for atmospheric pressure vessels without sealing requirements, angle steel flange can be used, and the number of bolts on the angle steel flange shall be four times generally.

  3. Looper flange: the flange is only loose on the flange or flanging, so it is also called free flange. The flange with fillet welding, riveting and threaded connection between flange ring and barrel or other parts also belongs to looper flange. This kind of flange is easy to disassemble and maintain, but its strength is low, so it is mostly used in low pressure and small size occasions.

  4. Flat welding flange: also known as any flange. Groove shall be machined in the inner circle of the flange and assembled and welded with the cylinder or other parts. It has high strength, so the same design method as integral flange can be used in design.

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