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Maintenance of non-standard socket flange

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  Maintenance of non-standard socket flange

  1. Preheating:

  Preheat the workpiece with complex shape or sharp section change and large effective thickness

  Preheating mode of flange: 800 ℃ for primary preheating, 500-550 ℃ for secondary preheating, 850 ℃ for secondary preheating, limiting the heating speed of primary preheating

  2. Heating:

  Workpieces, castings and weldments with grooves and holes, and machined stainless steel workpieces are generally not suitable for heating in a salt bath furnace

  Enough heat preservation time shall be provided for workpiece heating

  3. Cleaning:

  Before heat treatment, the workpiece and fixture shall be cleaned of oil, residual salt, paint and other foreign matters

  The fixture used for the first time in the vacuum furnace shall be degassed and purified in advance under the vacuum degree not lower than that required by the workpiece

  4. Charging:

  In the process of heat treatment, the easily deformed workpiece shall be heated on the special fixture

  The workpiece should be placed in the effective heating area

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