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Process protection of stainless steel flange

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  When assembling the upper cylinder of the flange connecting pipe, when adjusting the circumferential distance and verticality of the flange, it is strictly forbidden to hit the flange with a hammer, which can be padded and then knocked.

  It is strictly prohibited to arc on the flange when the flange connecting pipe is welded with the barrel.

  It is forbidden to lap the ground wire or ground wire pad iron on the flange.

  When the welding handle passes through the ASME Pl Stainless Steel Plate Flange, the contact between the welding handle head and the flange shall be avoided, and the welding handle wire shall be free of peeling and leakage, so as to prevent the leakage part from sparking with the flange and arcing.

  When the flange face is facing the side or the lower part is welded with the d-joint of the flange connecting pipe, the gasket shall be added appropriately to prevent too much slag splashing attached to the back of the flange.

  In case of flange damage during flange assembly and welding, the quality inspector and technician shall be informed to confirm the treatment. In view of the flange quality problems in the equipment manufacturing process of the company, in order to better protect the flange in the equipment manufacturing process, it is recommended to equip the corresponding flange protection sleeve when purchasing the flange, or use the iron sheet to process the flange blind plate to protect the flange sealing surface quality. The prefabrication section binds the blind plate with iron wire at one end of the flange sealing surface before the assembly and welding of the flange and the connecting pipe. After the equipment is completed, the pressure test team will Disassembly and recycling, classified storage of prefabrication team.

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