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neck welding flange belonging to GB standard system

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  With neck  welding flange belonging to GB standard system. Is the national standard flange (also known as GB flange) is one form of expression is one of the commonly used on the device or pipe flange.

  With neck flat welding flange height of the lower neck, stiffness of the flange, the carrying capacity increased. Compared with the welded flange, welding capacity, electrode consumption is high, can not withstand high temperature and pressure, and repeated bending and temperature fluctuations, but the on-site installation more convenient, you can omit the weld shot wound rubbing process. Scope: PN0.6 ~ 4.0MPa, DN ≤ 600mm.

  With neck flat welding flange standards: HG20594, HG20616, GB/T9116

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