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Connection types and common types of pipes and flanges

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  The pipe flange can be divided into five basic types according to the connection way with the pipe: flat welding flange, butt welding flange, Stainless Steel Welding Neck 150lbs Forged Threaded Flanges, socket welding flange and loose flange. There are many types of sealing surface of flange, including RF, FM, MFM, TG, FF and RJ. Flat welding steel flange: applicable to the connection of carbon steel pipe with nominal pressure not more than 2.5MPa. The sealing surface of flat welding flange can be made into smooth type, concave convex type and mortise groove type. The smooth flat welding flange has the largest application, and is mostly used in the case of moderate medium conditions, such as low-pressure non purified compressed air and low-pressure circulating water. Its advantage is that the price is relatively cheap. Butt welding steel flange: it is used for butt welding of flange and pipe, with reasonable structure, large strength and rigidity, withstanding high temperature and pressure, repeated bending and temperature fluctuation, reliable sealing performance, and concave convex sealing surface for butt welding flange with nominal pressure of 0.25-2.5mpa.

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