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Flange measurement method

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  1. Preparation before measurement:

  A. before measurement, according to the  position of ANSI B16.5  Class 150  Plate Flanges, the sketch of each connecting pipe flange of the equipment shall be drawn first and numbered consecutively, so as to facilitate the installation of fixture.

  B. during the installation, the flange may have different outer diameter, staggered joint (not concentric), gasket thickness, etc., so the processed clamp shall be corresponding to the flange on the side and shall not be interchanged. Therefore, measuring the size and number of each part is the key to the processing and installation of the clamp.

  C. when measuring, it is better to arrange three people, two of whom are measuring, one of whom is checking and filling in the form, and the measuring tool is better to use the scale permanently. If there is no condition, the external caliper and steel ruler can be used. Measurement is a meticulous work, is the premise of fixture installation, measurement and record must be prepared correctly, and fill in the form must be careful and clear.

  D. the measured data shall be filled in the table.

  2. Flange measurement:

  A. first, accurately measure the dimensions of flange outer diameter D1 and D2. If the measured data is 157.5mm, the dimension is 157.5mm

  B. measure the dimension of flange clearance B, and measure four points (evenly distributed) on the circumference.

  C. measure the depth C (the dimension between the outer edge of the flange and the bolt) as shown in the enlarged part of Figure 2. Measure the dimension of C respectively at the 1234 position of the flange, and select the smallest dimension.

  D. measure the size of the two flange misalignment (staggered joint) d, and select the size of the largest staggered joint of the two flanges.

  E. finally, fill in the measured data in the table

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