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Characteristics and application of carbon steel blind flange

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  When carbon steel blind flange is used again, there is also a choice. Most of the time when carbon steel blind flange is used, stainless steel blind flange is selected. The main characteristics of this kind of blind flange can also be used under the condition of not suitable for fire.

  At present, carbon steel blind flange, a variety of new products emerge from time to time. In the steel pipe industry, the same high-grade products are also carried out from time to time to sell steel pipes. In practice, carbon steel blind flange is also made of steel. A series of slowly developed carbon steel blind flange blanks are also the remaining parts of carbon steel blind flange, but the carbon steel flange blanks of these carbon steel parts are left for consumption.

  When ASTM A182 150LBS 12 Inch Blind Flange from steel plates or sections, the following requirements must be met:

  1. It shall be cut into strips along the rolling direction of the steel, brazed and welded into rings, and the surface of the steel shall form a cylindrical surface. Steel plates shall not be machined directly into blind flanges.

  2. butt welds shall be full penetration welds; the use of carbon steel bolts does not necessarily require the addition of insulating washers and casings, plus insulating washers and barrel only for fluids that may be live or in the pipeline.

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