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Rust prevention and wear reduction of carbon steel threaded flange

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  The weld of large carbon steel threaded flange shall be subject to 100% ultrasonic or radiographic inspection. The surface of large carbon steel  threaded flange shall be free of cracks or other defects that reduce the connection or strength of flange. For large  threaded flange with long diameter, when the working pressure is equal to or greater than 0.8 times of the maximum allowable working pressure specified in the specification, 100% X-ray inspection shall be stopped for the butt weld of large carbon steel  threaded flange and circular pipe.

  Reduce wear on ANSI A105 6 Inch Carbon Steel Threaded Flange Manufacturer:

  1. First of all, reasonable mechanical design and construction can help us reduce the pressure and wear between  threaded flange surfaces;

  2. In addition, the  threaded flange material and heat treatment process also affect the overall quality of the  threaded flange;

  3. In addition, if the  threaded flange works in dusty or polluted environment, necessary dust-proof installation and seal installation shall be added;

  4. Of course, the general way to reduce the mechanical wear is to use the smooth agent. As for the  threaded flange, the methods of static smooth fluid and dynamic pressure smooth fluid can be used;

  5. It can also use magnetic suspension support with higher technical accuracy to deal with this problem.

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