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Rising raw materials lead to rising prices of blind flanges

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  At present, all countries in the world are reducing the production of Blind Flange, which not only makes China's iron and steel industry face a more complex situation, but also makes the global steel industry face many problems.

  It is understood that the primary problem of DIN 2501 PN10 A105 Forging Blind Flange in the world is the slowing down of world economic growth, which restrains the increase in demand for blind flange. The world economic situation is still facing many uncertainties, so the blind flange industry is facing a more complex situation.

  Developed countries facing sovereign debt crisis will experience low-speed economic growth has become the consensus of all, and although the emerging market of blind flange still maintains a good growth trend, the rising inflationary pressure and the risk of economic "hard landing" will increase. At present, the global economy has entered a new dangerous stage, and the downturn of the world economy will be transformed into factors affecting the growth of global blind flange market demand in the future.

  However, the blind flange companies are optimistic, "low and high crude steel production, increased pressure on global blind flange production supply", "stainless steel flange prices will be supported by raw fuel costs, the trend is expected to be low and high" and other perspectives are full of confidence. It is believed that the global production of blind flange will rise again. The production of blind flange will be low and high throughout the year. The global production of crude steel is expected to surpass the new development of last year.

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