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Notices for Transportation of Large Weld Neck Flange

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  Large Weld neck flanges refers to a flange that exceeds the size prescribed by the relevant state departments. Generally speaking, it refers to the Weld neck flanges disc of size above DN2000. Such products are all welded products, no thread, thread products often used specifications to DN15-DN100. Among the national flange standards GB/T9119-2010, the largest size of the pressure standards from 0.25 MPa to 1.6 Mpa is DN2000.

  For ANSI Class 3000 Carbon Steel Weld Neck Flange products with 3 meters or more, attention should be paid to transportation when contracting:

  1. The limited height of highway or viaduct is 4.5 meters. The Weld neck flanges itself is 3 meters in diameter, and then the truck itself is about 1.5 meters in height, it will not pass.

  2. If transported horizontally, the 3M flange will also exceed the width of the lane, so it is a problem whether transported vertically or horizontally. If the problem of distribution is not solved properly, it will cause some difficulties in transportation.

  3. Extra large Weld neck flanges should be completed by staged production process. Then it splices at the construction site.

  4. Weld neck flanges Packing in wooden cases or wrapping with braided tapes after applying rust-proof oil depends on the situation.

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