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Characteristics of Threaded Flange Connections

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  Threaded flange is a kind of non-welded flange, which processes the inner hole of the flange into pipe threads and connects with threaded pipes. Common water supply, drainage, fire system pipeline connection, different from welding flange. In general, when the pipe diameter is less than 100 mm, threaded flange connection is used. Advantages of ANSI B16.5 150 LB RF Stainless Steel Threaded Flange: Threaded flanged pipes are improved on the basis of welded flanged pipes, which are tightened through threaded connections at the end of pipes to realize the connection and fixation of various lengths and calibers.

  Compared with welded flanged,threaded flange has the following characteristics: (1) Threaded flangeconnection technology does not take into account the strength of weld seam, which can ensure that flange and pipe body are tightly connected, and the connection mode is more flexible and convenient; (2) no stress, cracks and welding defects caused by weld stress will not lead to joint leakage; (3) relying on flange protruding pipe joints and rubber ring connection effectively ensure the pipe. The overall sealability of the line; (4) the process of flange heating and welding seam insulation is omitted, and the process is simple and the cost is reduced; (5) the verticality and parallelism of the threaded connecting flange pipe, whether the flange hole is centered or the flange pipe is more easily guaranteed.

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