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Plate Flange Supplier Supplies High Quality Standard Products

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  Plate flange is included in the standards of chemical industry, national standard flange, Mechanical Department flange, Japanese standard flange, German standard flange, American standard flange and marine flange. In the domestic industry, the most plate flange common pipeline is used, and the pressure is from 0.25 MPa to 4.0 MPa.

  Plate flange, as its name implies, is a flange without neck. Insert the pipe directly into the flange for welding. Generally speaking, the inside diameter of the small-caliber flange is slightly larger than that of the tube by 1-1.5mm, leaving such a margin in order to make appropriate adjustments in the installation process. Large-caliber plate flanges still have more, because plate flanges with large caliber are inconvenient to keep.

  Plate flange sealing surface is generally divided into two kinds: one is called FF surface, that is, full-plane flange, so to speak, ASTM A312 TP304L DN150 Stainless Steel Plate Flange is like a disc, with holes in the middle and bolt holes in the surrounding, which is called full-plane flange.

  There is also a sealed step, commonly said, is out of the Plate Flange of a platform, called the water line platform. Then two or three water lines are produced on the lathe, which is called flat protruding flange. The water line acts as a seal. The gasket is placed between two flanges and then bolted firmly to seal.

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