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The difference between threaded flange connection and welded flange connection

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  Valves or pipes are usually connected by flange welding and threaded flange connections, etc. Threaded flange connection produces less additional pressure on the pipe wall, which is one of the widely used flange structures in engineering construction. However, ASTM B16.5 150LB Threaded Flanges can not be used in inflammable, explosive and highly hazardous situations.

  Generally, Threaded Flange and pipes are easy to install and disassemble, but flanged connections are bulkier than threaded valves, and the corresponding price is higher, so it is suitable for pipeline connections of various sizes and pressures. When the temperature exceeds 350 degrees, the bolts, gaskets and flanges become relaxed, and the load of bolts is obviously reduced, which may lead to leakage of flanged connections with great stress.

  Flange connection is actually convenient for disassembly. It is used on the ports of equipment and valves.
Threaded Flange connection can be selected for disassembly. Threaded Flange connection is sometimes convenient for disassembly, but its pressure level is not high.Threaded Flange connection forms also have Threaded Flange connection, but it is connected with smaller diameter, larger thickness of pipe fittings.

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