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Blind Flange Manufacturers prefer to check beforehand rather than rework afterwa

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  Blind flanges is used to isolate and cut off. Because of its good sealing performance, it is generally used as a reliable means of isolation for systems requiring complete isolation. Carbon Steel DN10 Blind Flange are a solid circle with a handle, which is used for systems in isolation under normal conditions. The shape of 8-characterBlind flanges is like 8-character, one end is Blind flanges, the other end is throttle ring, but the diameter is the same as the pipe diameter, and does not play a throttling role. 8-word Blind flanges, easy to use, need to isolate, use blind end, need normal operation, use throttle ring end, but also can be used to fill the installation gap of Blind flanges in pipeline. Another feature is that the logo is clear and easy to identify the installation status.

  Blind flange is also called flange cover and blind flanges. It is a flange without holes in the middle for sealing the pipe plug. The function is the same as that of the welded head and the screw cap, except that the blind flange and the screw cap can be removed at any time, while the welded head can not. There are many types of sealing surface, such as plane, convex, concave and convex, tenon and groove, ring connection surface. The production process is mainly divided into forging, casting, cutting and these three kinds. The casting flange has accurate shape and size, small workload and low cost, but it has casting defects (pore, crack, inclusion); the inner structure streamline of the casting is poor (if it is a cutting part, the streamline is worse); and the forged flange is generally lower than the cast flange in carbon content, less rust-prone, better streamline, denser structure and better mechanical properties than the cast flange; Flange cover can contact our shengtian company, we also have various flanges, such as national standard flange and German standard flange and non-standard flange and British standard flange or American standard flange, with high quality

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