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Problems existing in processing stainless steel weld neck flange

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  There are some problems in processing stainless steel weld neck flange

  1. Weld defect: The weld defect of ASTM Forged RF 316 Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flange is serious. If manual mechanical grinding is used to remedy it, the grinding trace will cause uneven surface, which will affect the beauty.

  2. Non-uniform passivation of grinding and polishing: After manual grinding and polishing, acid pickling and passivation treatment is carried out. It is difficult to achieve uniform and uniform treatment effect for large workpieces, and the ideal uniform surface can not be obtained. Besides, its disadvantages include man hour cost and excipient cost.

  3. Scratches are difficult to remove: integral pickling and passivation, chemical or electrochemical corrosion will occur in the presence of corrosive media, and impurities such as carbon steel and splash adhering to stainless steel weld neck flange surface due to scratches and welding splash can not be removed.

  How to solve the problem of stainless steel weld neck flange processing?

  1. Choose blanking, after completion, enter the next process, different stainless steel workpieces according to the processing requirements into the corresponding process;

  2. When bending, first of all, according to the size of the drawing, the thickness of stainless steel weld neck flange should determine the tool and groove used in bending. Avoiding the deformation caused by the collision between the product and the tool is the key to the selection of the upper die (in the same product, different types of upper die may be used). The selection of the lower die should be based on the thickness of the plate. Sure.

  3. In order to solder firmly, punching bumps on the workpiece to be welded can make bumps contact with the plate uniformly before electrified welding, so as to ensure the consistency of heating at all points. At the same time, the welding position can be determined. Welding needs to be done. It is necessary to adjust the pre-pressing time, the holding time, the holding time and the resting time to ensure that the workpiece can be spot.

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