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Welding firmness of socket flanges

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  First cut the plate into suitable strips. The length of strips depends on the specifications of large socket flange. Then, the coil is made into a circle by a coiling machine, and the joint is firmly welded by welding rod. The weld joint is tested by X-ray spectroscopy. Then press it flat, then lathe for processing water line, chamfering and other processes, and finally with the dividing plate with drilling machine for drilling bolt holes. When drilling bolt holes, GOST 12821-80 PN25 Forged Carbon Steel Socket Flange is not possible to drill bolt holes in places with large socket flanges welds.

  The cost of rolling socket flanges is lower than that of forging. But some super socket flanges can't be forged. Most of these products are weighed by theoretical weight. When calculating, the weight of water line, stop, bolt hole and chamfer is not reduced. The price of flat plate products is lower, but if there are processes such as processing swallow tail grooves or large socket flanges with very thin thickness, the price will be higher. The reason is that a process is complex and the cost of thin and thick products is the same.

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