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Threaded flange connection quality requirements

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  The selection of threaded flange must conform to the design requirements. When the design is not required, the proper forms and specifications of threaded flange should be selected according to the highest working pressure of the system, the highest working temperature, the working medium, the material of the threaded flange and so on.

  Before the threaded flange is installed, the appearance inspection must be carried out, the surface should be smooth, no defects such as sand, cracks, spots, burrs and other flanges can be reduced, and there should be no defects such as perforative scratches on the sealing surface.

  When threaded flange and pipe are assembled, threaded flange vertical ruler is used to check the verticality of threaded flange. When the design of parallel deviation dimensions of flange connection is not specified, it should not be greater than 1 and 5% of flange outer diameter, and not more than 2mm. When two threaded flange are not parallel and exceed the required requirements, it must be withered and no multiple gaskets should be used for correction.

  When ASTM A182 316L RF Stainless Steel Threaded Flange is welded to the pipe, the two sides shall be welded according to the standard, and the height of the welding foot shall comply with the regulations.

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