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Performance of weld neck flanges

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  Weld neck flange and butt welding flanges are common flanges. The rigidity of the weld neck flanges is poor, it is suitable for the situation of pressure P less than 4MPa; the weld neck flanges is also called the high weld neck flange, and the rigidity is larger. It is suitable for the situation where the pressure temperature is high. There are three types of weld neck flange sealing surface: plane type sealing surface, suitable for low pressure and non-toxic media; concave and convex sealing surface is suitable for high pressure occasions; tenon and tenon sealing surface is suitable for flammable, explosive, toxic media and high pressure occasions. weld neck flange with different properties have good product performance in different fields. Their adaptability to different occasions and spaces will produce different effects.

  The gasket of ANSI Class300 Forged Alloy Steel Weld Neck Flanges is a ring made of material that can produce plastic deformation and has certain strength. Most of the gaskets were cut from non-metallic plates or made by a professional factory according to the specified size. Their materials are asbestos, asbestos, polyethylene, etc.; it is also useful for wrapping metal bags made of nonmetallic materials such as asbestos, such as the thin metal plates (Bai Tiepi and stainless steel), and a thin steel belt and asbestos. A winding gasket with a winding together.

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