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Flanges industry is developing rapidly

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  In recent years, China's economy is in the middle stage of industrialization by telling steady development. A good foundation for many of our blind flange industries. On the one hand, it shows the vigorous demand for equipment machinery, and puts forward the strategic goal of revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry.

  On the other hand, at the same time, the national strength is enhanced, and the idea of "resource saving and bad society" is put forward as the main basis for the plan of "11th Five-Year". To this end, we must fully implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, relying on scientific and technological progress, through economic restructuring, enterprise integration, and expanding the scale of operation to make the national economy a deep development.

  At present, in the flange market, the BS1387 Stainless Steel Blind Flange have excellent properties for many kinds of other metals. It is a kind of material with excellent durability and recycling. In the future, the Blind flanges will be widely used in various fields for the change of the times.

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