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The deformation cause of blind flange

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  Now blind flange has become a lot of industries and fields, will be used to connect parts. It is because of this, so the application of this connecting part is still very wide in various places. For many enterprises now, it is more necessary to use it in many aspects, so that we can use it further.

  Such a main function is to be able to play a connecting role. A lot of individuals or enterprises, in the use of the use, is also a direct concern about such a connection component is not easy to appear deformed, which is also a problem that people will worry about. In fact, the deformation of such connecting parts is mainly due to the influence of temperature and high pressure and deformation.

  Some ASME B16.5 A182 F304 Stainless Steel Blind Flange will be used in a relatively high temperature and will easily be deformed. In particular, now some manufacturers, in the surface treatment process, and processing technology, have not reached certain requirements, will make such products, in the process of use, will directly appear the problem of deformation, especially in the performance of anticorrosion is not good enough, that in some corrosive environment. When used, it will be prone to deformation.

  In fact, if the quality of the blind flange is not up to the standard, or the environment is used, it is a relatively high temperature environment, even if the strength is not enough, it will be the direct appearance of deformation. Therefore, this requires a large number of enterprises now, in the selection and purchase of such parts, it is also necessary to consider such a problem so that a good quality product can be purchased.

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