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What’s the Technical Requirement of Weld Neck Flanges?

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  Alloy steel with nominal pressure PN 0.25MP-1.0Mpa and austenitic stainless steel forge pieces allow to adopt first stage forge piece.

  Weld neck flanges normally manufactured by forge piece or forge rolling. When adopt steel plate or profile plate to manufacture, it must be accords with the following requirements:

  1.ANSI Class150 Forged Alloy Steel Weld Neck Flanges should be ultrasonic flaw detection, no delamination defect;

  2. It should be rolled along the direction of steel cutting into strips, bending to weld into rings, and the surface of the steel to form a ring of cylindrical surface. Not to use steel plate directly machined into the neck weld neck flange;

  3. The butt weld of the ring shall be fully fused through the weld;

  4, Ring butt weld should be welded after heat treatment, and for 100%-ray or ultrasonic flaw detection, and Ray flaw detection meets JB4730 level II requirements, ultrasonic flaw detection meets JB4730 level I requirements.

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