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Introduction and construction method of stainless steel blind flange

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  The blind flange is a kind of pipe fitting for the process pipe connection. According to the connecting method, there are threaded flange and welding flange (solder welding and butt welding flange). Models incloud such as yzf-f132 stainless steel blind flange, flange connection method is also the simplest connection method with cast iron pipe and steel tube. The blind flange can be used to check the opening of the mouth. In addition, flange connection is suitable for pipe fitting of pipe diameter from 50-315mm. Its performance features: non-rigid connection, detachable and tensile. Flange connection is usually used as a detachable connector on a low-pressure pipeline.

  Blind flange with the rapid development of domestic foreign minister pipeline construction, pipeline pressure test become an indispensable important link, in the before, during and after the test must be conducted for each section of the pipeline ball sweep line, generally for 4 ~ 5 times. Especially after the test pressure, the water storage in the pipeline is difficult to clean, the number of cleaning will be more.

  The construction method of repeated welding head is adopted in the receiver, which has the problem of increasing the labor intensity of the workers. The second is the high cost of repeated welding and sealing head method. For long distance pipeline pressure test to pass the ball after the scanning line, at the serve by repeated welding head method of high labor intensity big, consumables, need more large equipment, the problem of high cost, this paper proposes a new simple quick opening blind flange plate construction method. This construction method introduces the structure, working step and strength check of the blinding plate.

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