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What is the pressure capacity of the flange

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  Blind flanges is divided into self locking type and traditional Blind flanges type , flange type is more like the traditional welding products, it is the use of plastic sealing thermal deformation to achieve the sealing effect between the Blind flanges and its connection with the other is Blind flanges, connected to the pipe end of the pipe is the pipe are connected to each other through the stud two flange closely connected together; junctionvalve Blind flanges is through the unique new sealing ring seal lip on elastic deformation to form a seal, which is a kind of hard seal has good sealing and can reinforce the role of pipeline.

  A105 P250gh Stainless Steel Blind Flange sealing pads should have good oil resistance and aging resistance, as well as better elastic and mechanical strength. Installation should be based on the shape of the connection to choose different sections and sizes of the seal, and put right.

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