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Sealing application of blind flanges

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  The blind flange not only saves space, reduces the weight, but also ensures that the joint will not leak, and has good sealing performance. The size of the compact blind flange is reduced because of the reduction in the diameter of the seal, which will reduce the cross section of the sealing surface. Secondly, the ASME B16.5 Stainless Steel Pipe Blind Flange gasket has been replaced by the seal ring to ensure the seal face matching with the seal face. In this way, only small pressure is needed to press the sealing surface.

  There are three types of blind flange sealing surface: plane type sealing surface, suitable for occasions where the pressure is not high and the medium is non-toxic. The concave and convex sealing surface is suitable for occasions with slightly higher pressure; the mortise and sealing face is suitable for inflammable, explosive, toxic medium and high pressure occasions. Ordinary rubber gaskets are suitable for occasions with temperatures below 120 degrees. Asbestos rubber gaskets are suitable for occasions where steam temperature is below 450 C, oil temperature is below 350 C, and pressure is less than 5MPa. For general corrosive media, acid resistant asbestos boards are most commonly used. A gasket is a circular ring that produces plastic deformation and has a certain strength.

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