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Intelligent development of Blind flange

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  China's stainless steel flange industry development plan is the target of scientific research and development investment, accounting for more than 4% of the proportion of pump manufacturing GDP. With the continuous development of technology,DIN2527 Stainless Steel Blind Flange will be in the direction of intelligent development. Compared with the foreign stainless steel flange industry, the domestic stainless steel flange industry has certain advantages, there are gaps. Compared with the industry of Western China gear pump, stainless steel flange industry has two competitive advantages: on the one hand, has the low cost competitive advantage; on the other hand is the rapid growth of the domestic construction, petroleum, petrochemical, environmental protection market and major water diversion project also provides an important support for the development of China's stainless steel flange industry. China's continuous growth of market space is the prerequisite for the domestic stainless steel blind flange industry to maintain its advantages.

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