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How to solve weld neck flanges leakage

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  First of all, to see the leak site, in the leakage part is generally due to weld neck flange connection gap is extremely small, it is impossible to inject sealant through clearance to eliminate leakage. Sealing construction method according to leakage site investigation, in order to realize the limited plugging, adopt fixed fixture method to contain leakage point and form sealing cavity, inject sealant, so as to eliminate leakage. And the fixture is custom-made, fixture first to meet weld neck flange leak tolerance, the establishment of weld neck flange valve and pipeline large flange connection short, weld neck flange sealing cavity between the first point. In order to prevent the leakage of the potential leakage between the valve body and Forged A105 Carbon Steel Weld Neck Flange due to the pressure holding, the annular cavity glue injection is arranged at the outer edge of carbon steel weld neck flange of the clamp and the valve body. Because weld neck flange is easy to shift to the flange, the limit measure of tooth contact clamping is adopted. In the operation, sealant curing, after the effect of observation, local injection compression, to prevent stress relaxation, and then closed the injection hole.

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