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Flange control method

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  For the study of large-scale loop bending, the current situation of research at home and abroad is still in the initial stage, foreign research in this area is still relatively mature, some foreign experts and scholars for the use of bending method of processing ring made a certain study , A German company has a similar way to mass production of DIN 2507 Dn80 Stainless Steel Plate Flange ring of the blank, due to technical reasons for the confidentiality of our method for the deformation mechanism and forming process is not understood. In the country, for the large-scale ring bending forming research is still relatively small, but the bending process of forming a comparative basis for the study , including: bending roll forming kinetics, kinematics laws , The study of the geometrical accuracy and the change of the microstructure of the bending deformation, the force analysis of the roll system, the force energy parameters of the bending equipment and the design theory of the bending equipment are still rare, thus seriously affecting the bending process Technology application and development, but also affect the ring production of energy-saving materials and rapid prototyping. Therefore, it is urgent to study the bending process technology, and establish the control theory of the bending process. Through the mechanical calculation and the system optimization design, the force energy parameters, the mechanism optimization method and the equipment control method of the large ring bending system are established.

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