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The Forging process of Socket flanges

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  ANSI B16.5 Sch80 Socket Welding Flange is a kind of flange fittings, in different areas and industries have a wide range of use and promotion, it is applicable in the use of different scope, the need to use the environment is different, need to use in accordance with certain conditions The The butt welding flange is suitable for steel pipe connections with nominal pressure not exceeding 2.5MPa, which plays an important role and value in the pipeline link, but must ensure that the nominal pressure is in a certain range in use. The sealing surface of the welding flange can be made into smooth, concavo-convex and tongue-and-groove type. The smooth application of smooth butt welding flange is the most suitable case for medium conditions such as low-pressure non-purified compressed air, Low pressure circulating water, its advantage is the price is cheaper. The butt is suitable for pipelines with high pressure or temperature fluctuations or high temperature, high pressure and low temperature piping, and is also used to transport expensive, flammable and explosive media. 

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