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Blind flange production process

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  Blind flange Also called the blind plate, is called the flange cover. Is the middle of the flange without a hole, for sealing the pipe plug. Seal surface of the form of more types, there are flat, convex, convex surface, tongue and groove surface, ring connection surface. First of all, we need to understand how the production of centrifugal flange, centrifugal casting system to do ASME  B16.47 A105  Blind RF Forged  Flange technology and products, which is characterized by the following process steps from the processing: 1. the selected raw materials into the IF furnace smelting furnace, the molten steel temperature reached 1600-1700 ℃; 2.preheat the metal mold to 800-900 ℃ to maintain constant temperature; 3.Start the centrifuge and inject the molten steel in step  into the preheated metal mold in step  4. casting naturally cooled to 800-900 ℃ for 1-10 minutes; 5. water cooling to close to room temperature, stripping out casting.

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