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The storage of the flange

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  PN16 stainless steel Forged Blind flange is to make the pipe with pipe connecting parts, connection in the pipe end.Bolt on the flange hole, can wear, use among gasket seal, and then make the two closely connection flange.Flange connection is often used in pipeline engineering parts, if you want to a lot of storage, need certain skills.

  Stainless steel flange to as inventory, need regular check, the outer surface of the flange to keep clean, cannot have dirt.Best is neatly stored in indoor and ventilated and dry place, do not put at random or in open air, had better be in flange covered a layer of plastic film, in order to avoid dust settled on the flange.Unified put each specification, convenient access when needed.The best in each specification of collective stacking place there is a clear sign, also facilitate the recognition of others.

  Is similar to the storage of carbon steel flanges and stainless steel flange, but due to the carbon steel flange is easy to rust after contact with air, so it's best to give carbon steel flange or protect the rust-proof paint, prevent rust, poor sales.

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