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carbon steel high pressure blind flange

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  The two sealing faces of the flange(carbon steel high pressure blind flange) bolts press each other against the flange gasket and form a seal, but at the same time lead to the destruction of the seal. In order to maintain the seal, you have to maintain a huge bolt force. To do this, bolts must be made larger.

  Larger bolts are required to match larger nuts, which means that bolts with larger diameters are needed to create the conditions for tightening the nut. As everyone knows, the greater the diameter of the bolt, the applicable flange will become curved, the only way is to increase the flange part of the wall thickness. The entire apparatus will require great size and weight, which becomes a particular problem in the offshore environment where the weight is always a major concern. And, fundamentally, ANSI flanges are an ineffective seal, requiring 50% of the bolt load for the compression pad, and only 50% of the load used to hold the pressure.

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