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Introduce of T welded pipe

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  T welded pipe due to the weld shape similar like T, so called T-shaped pipe, T welded pipe normally is the large diameter steel tube which the normal steel equipment can not produce so big size.

  It increased the production quantity of large diameter steel pipe. According to the division of pipe material, can be divided into carbon steel pipe, low alloy and high alloy stainless steel pipe etc. Can produce more than 500 diameter, wall thickness is under 150mm. Pipe products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas transportation, piling and city water supply, heating, gas and other projects. Detection method of pipe is mainly ultrasonic flaw detector. 1, the volume of the same cylinder on the longitudinal seam should not be greater than two. 2, when the pipe butt weld group corresponding to be flush when the inner wall of nominal diameter should be the sealing welding in the tube. In the rolling process, should prevent plate surface damage.

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