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  Slip-on pipe flange actually slip over the pipe. The pipe flanges are typically made with an inside diameter of the pipe flange slightly larger than the outside diameter of the pipe. This allows the flange to slip over the pipe but to still have a somewhat snug fit. Slip-on pipe flanges are secured to the pipe with a fillet weld at the top and the bottom of the slip-on pipe flanges. These pipe flanges are also further catagorized as a ring or a hub. Ring pipe flanges and hub pipe flanges are both considered slip on pipe flanges because they both slip over the pipe. Slip on Pipe flanges with a hub have published specifications that range from 1/2" thru 80". Slip on pipe flanges that consist of a flat ring have published specificiations that range from 1/2" thru 80". Flanges provides Slip-On pipe flanges in all material grades, specifications and sizes.

  We are specialized in producing flanges, Such as weld neck flanges, Slip on flanges, Blind flanges, Socket flanges, threaded flanges and plate flanges etc. We have ability to produce you the detailed drawing flanges also. We have been in this line for over 25 years. Our products are exported to many countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America etc. We have a good reputation in domestic and foreign markets.

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