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Alloy steel carbon steel flange

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  Japan's butt welding flange industry history for more than half a century, during which underpins the machinery industry in Japan and has made great contributions to the economy of Japan. Japanese forging forging association and Japan institute of technology in June of 2002 will be consolidation, its purpose is a member of the two organizations to strengthen the organization and its functions, make them more efficient operation. So will can strengthen service for members, in order to conform to the trend of the modern, with international forging industry. Mainly refers to the mechanical properties of butt welding flange depends on the carbon content in steel, and generally do not add a lot of alloy element in steel, sometimes referred to as the carbon steel or carbon steel.

  We have adopted advanced production equipment and technologies to manufacture our EN1092-01 PN40 plate flange and GB/T 9119 PN1.0 plate flange, which can not only improve product quality, but also save raw materials. Our products have high strength, good toughness and resistance to corrosion.

  Alloy steel carbon steel tee, flange, reducer, such as the high school low pressure pipe fittings with today's domestic and international first-class production equipment, testing equipment and a variety of specifications of the pipe elbow flange forging heat treatment line of cold forming hot push-pull forging machine such as a variety of complete technology company also has a wide range of testing equipment such as nondestructive flaw detection of chemical analysis and metallographic examination physics experiment etc. Strong technical force can produce American standard, standard gb standards of various specifications of the stainless steel flange, tee, reducer, etc. Series of products are chemical state power corporation designated as fixed-point collaborative manufacturers.

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