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Manufacturing processing methods on pipe fittings

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  There are many Manufacturing processing methods on pipe fittings.  Many also belong to the category of machining class, the most widely used method is stamping, forging method, roller processing method, rolling method, bulging method, stretching, bending method, and a combination of processing methods. Tube processing is machining and metal pressure processing of organic combination.

  To illustrate the following:

  Forging method: using a swaging machine or a part of the tube ends to be rushed stretch, reducing the outer diameter, commonly have a rotary swaging machine, link type, roller.

  Stamping method: punch with a tapered core tube end expanded to the desired size and shape.

  Roller method: Place the core in the tube, with the outer circumference of the wheel is pushed round the edge for processing.

  Rolling method: generally do mandrel, suitable for thick-walled tubes inside of the circle edge.

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